RIF Account Management System

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Paying Invoices

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Guidelines for Federally Funded Programs

There are several steps to the book payment process for federally funded programs. Provide a copy of this section to your accounts payable office and the person who writes the checks for your RIF program.

  • Order only from companies listed in the Book Supplier Profile. We cannot pay for books ordered from companies that are not active RIF book suppliers.
  • Process all invoices within 30 days of the invoice date using the RIF Account Management System (RAMS).
  • Use RAMS to calculate your federal and local share. RAMS will indicate the local share owed for each Invoice Verification Form (IVF). If the remaining federal funds are less than the federal share, RAMS will calculate the additional local funds needed.
  • Complete and electronically sign one IVF per company, and make a copy of each invoice for your records. If the RAMS Invoice Center indicates that a local-share check is not required for a particular invoice, no further action is required.
  • Make all checks or money orders payable to the book company. Be sure to include your RIF account number on all checks and invoices.
  • Submit invoices, local payment, and electronically signed IVF receipts to the book company within 30 days of the date on the invoice. The IVF will provide the address of the vendor once you have completed the required steps. The address will also be listed on the invoice from the book vendor. Learn more about the new local share process.

Guidelines for Non-Federally Funded Programs

  • Within 30 days of receiving the invoice, enter the information into the RAMS Invoice Center. No further action is required.

Best Practices

  • Pay the correct local-share amount as calculated by the RIF Account Management System.
  • Include your program account number on every document you send.
  • Do not adjust an incorrect invoice yourself. Call the book company and request a credit memo or adjusted invoice. If the book company will not make an adjustment on an incorrect invoice, contact RIF’s Invoice Department or your program account representative at 1-877-RIF-READ or contactus@rif.org
  • For assistance with entering invoices into RAMS, contact your program account representative at 1-877-RIF-READ or contactus@rif.org. For questions about an invoice, contact the book supplier.
  • Spend all of your program’s federal funds. Federal balances should be less than $25 at the end of your contract period.

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